All Year Round Camping

Published: October 31, 2016

All Year Round Camping

Just because the summer months have come to an end, there is no reason why you should pack the caravan away just yet. Autumn and winter is a great time for camping and caravan holidays – the landscapes go through such a spectacular transformation, blue skies and greenery make way for misty mornings and multi-coloured spectrum of leaves.

Taking a touring holiday or staying in a lodge during autumn and winter is very different from the summer months, however if you can accept the fact that you might need to wear a couple of extra layers of warm clothing, you are in for some new and exciting experiences.

You will find many of the Best of British parks extend their season well in to the autumn and over a quarter of all parks are open all year round.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be put off going to a holiday park in the winter and by simply kitting kit yourself up for the colder weather there is plenty to explore.

Experiencing a different countryside

Most people go on holiday and experience the UK when it is warm and sunny, but why not see the countryside when it is covered in leaves or snow? The British countryside can be exceptionally beautiful during autumn and winter; going to bed under a colder starry night on Dartmoor or seeing the coast on a winter’s days can be very impressive indeed.

Wake up to a different view

And why not try a different sort of holiday at this time of year? Camping pods can be incredibly warm and cosy during the colder months. Pods are well-insulated and come equipped with some handy home comforts for a pleasant stay, including lighting, electric sockets and seating.

Or how about a stay in a park home or a lodge – the perfect setting for a party or group of friends.

Bring out the romantic in you

Touring caravan sites during the winter months can be very romantic. Not only are the days a little bit shorter but also with the drop in temperature there’s every excuse to snuggle up and get closer! Take a nice long autumn walk through picturesque woodland followed by a pub lunch before settling down to a cosy night in your very own holiday home.

The crowds have gone

You will find holiday parks in UK are a lot less crowded during the colder month which means that you should have your pick of the pitches or accommodation options. Things tend to quieten down after Halloween on most parks so you can enjoy a different type of holiday. Less people around on a site is one of the best reasons to caravan at this time of year. Less people, less noise, more time for relaxation.

Park winter charges

With the quieter months, holiday parks tend to lower their prices, so you can enjoy a holiday at low-season rates and perhaps save a little to have more fun. And you will still have all the creature comforts of home; most of the parks will have hard standing pitches with electricity and TV aerials.

Autumn Winter Activities

At this time of year there are plenty of activities and events to attend while you are on holiday. From the October half term holiday to Halloween and firework displays there is still plenty going on. Many of the parks will have their own things to do on site so drop in to reception, as they will have all the information about what is going on locally.

Discover some wonderful places this season with a visit to one of the Best of British holiday parks. Visit in the autumn and see the countryside transform into its winter colours; it’s a great time to take a break.

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