Holidays Near Home – 8 Reasons To Try It!

Holidaying near home is more appealing than ever at the moment. Whether it is to explore your region, budget constraints or you need to be close to home for loved ones, there are lots of advantages to going to a local holiday park. Here are 8 reasons to try a holiday near home!

1. Explore Beautiful Locations

Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses. We may know the immediate local beauty spots, historic houses and good pubs and restaurants, but if we look just a little further afield, we’ll uncover some special locations we’ll return to time and time again.

Solway at Allonby

This is Alonby Bay on the Solway Coast in Cumbria. Flora and fauna is particularly unique to this spot along the north west coastline. If you live in Dumfries and Galloway, Northumberland or North Yorkshire, Cumbria is within easy reach at a 1.5 – 2 hour drive. It’s a great example of somewhere accessible that you may not have considered visiting before.

Or, if you’re in easy reach of Shropshire, the Shropshire Hills are well worth exploring. You might be tempted toward the Welsh mountains but what about something closer to home in this beautiful county?

Upland Heathland Landscape at Summer Bloom

Landlocked Shropshire is all about the countryside and if you’re in the neighbouring counties of Staffordshire, Worcestershire or Herefordshire for example, it would make a quick and easy holiday destination. Not all holiday destinations have to be miles and miles away, you have beautiful places all around you!

And, if you decide to literally holiday at your own home, we recommend picking 2 places per weekend that are within half an hour of you. You’ll have seen the signage as you drive past, or you’ve always thought ‘I must go there’… well, now is the time to go!

2. Fuel Costs

Highlands End 1-62fc08c782691

Whether you’re towing a caravan, driving a motorhome or campervan, or simply travelling miles and miles to go on holiday, fuel costs are one of the primary sources of concern at the moment.

By holidaying locally, you’ll save money on the travel costs. Towing or travelling in a home on wheels will, of course, incur higher petrol and diesel costs. While this won’t be the case forever, if you are considering your options, ‘going local’ may be the way to go! With 49 holiday parks across England, Scotland and Wales, you’ll probably be no more than 2 hours from a Best of British holiday park. Thank you to Highlands End Holiday Park for this fabulous image.

3. Short Breaks Aplenty!

You may have a life style that is more suited to short breaks,  If so, more regular local holidays are on your doorstep.

Rear View Of Family Standing At Top Of Hill On Hike Through Countryside In Lake District UK

Short stays, whether they are one night or a little longer, provide that much needed refresh from our busy lives. By not travelling far from home or work, the pressure is off and you don’t feel a million miles away. Nor do you need to spend the preceding week prepping, making lists and packing! You can choose to travel an hour away, let’s say to the Lake District to take in the stunning landscapes, or head for a Dorset beach which offers the sea breeze. Either way, you’re away from home and enjoying the great British outdoors.

4. Step Away From The Home Office!

Bournemouth Beach and Pier at Sunrise

With work and home life boundaries very blurred due to working from home, short breaks enable us to step away from the technology that binds us to our desks and experience life in a different way. If only for a short time, you have the opportunity to shut down. In fact, for a short break close to home, it’s much easier to leave work behind for a few days, rather than be aware you have deadlines to meet before you head off for a two week break. With short breaks, it relieves the pressure and lets you step away from work for just long enough!

5. Can’t Step Away From The Home Office?!

The world isn’t quite what it was 3 years ago in terms of working patterns, job stability and the work/life balance. So, if you face the option of no holiday due to your work commitments, we appreciate the predicament.

Attracive young adult woman using laptop computer inside camper

Almost all of our holiday parks offer wifi, so you’ll be able to stay connected in your caravan or motorhome. What we’d love to say is, step away from the home office, completely relax and unwind. In the modern working environment, you might find this hard to do. So, make use of the facilities on offer to you, but don’t forget there is much to see and do, so structure your day accordingly. You need that ability to see something other than your laptop screen!

6. Caring Responsibilities

You might having caring responsibilities that dominate your holiday choices.

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 22-62fc12a3cc03c

You may have caring responsibilities at home and are using the short break as respite for yourself, or you’re taking your loved one on holiday with you. We can offer well connected holiday parks, near transport routes so that your pathway home is clear and not too far away. If you’re bringing your loved one on holiday and want to ensure their needs are catered for, we have a range of disabled facilities.

Each park is different, so facilities will vary. But, there is no need to shy away from seeking out disabled friendly holidays. Need some support in finding somewhere suitable? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

7. Environmental Impact

The impact on the environment of travelling has long been cause for concern, and perhaps this is your reason for keeping it local.

Beautiful young family on a walk in autumn forest.

You might just want to walk in the local countryside, or explore by bike, leaving a very light footprint wherever you go. Luckily, in Great Britain you are spoiled for choice of where to go. Idyllic countryside vistas, or spectacular coastal scenery – it depends where you live and how far you choose to travel. You’ll find many Best of British holiday parks are eco friendly and are changing their practices to be more sustainable.

8. Spend Your Money Locally

Whether you’re eating out, or buying locally produced food for a picnic on site, helping the local economy should give you that warm fuzzy feeling. You are supporting small businesses and enabling them to continue operating in the most challenging of times.

Picnic in the countryside. Group of young friends, at sunset on

You may be enjoying pubs and restaurants, staying in, exploring entertainment options, going on tours of towns and cities or using local transport, you will be playing your part in keeping that location’s tourism industry going. With the snowball effect, that will retain jobs and enable workers to provide for their families, get on the property ladder, invest in their own local economy etc.

Whether you choose to have a short break near home, or a longer stay, we wish you happy holidays this summer and autumn!

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