You might be looking for a seaside or coastal holiday, somewhere with historic sites, idyllic countryside or pretty villages to explore. If so, have you considered lovely Lincolnshire? Situated in the East Midlands and with a long coastline on the North Sea to the east, there is much to discover, especially if you're looking for a holiday destination that isn't quite as busy as Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

So, with the help of some of our Lincolnshire based friends, let's explore this lovely county, like a local would!

1. Stamford


We're going to start with the most popular Lincolnshire town and we make no apologies! Everyone loves Stamford, be they local or visitors from afar. The architecture and feel of the town is so spectacular we had to add it to the list! Whether you head to The George or go for a spot of shopping to print designer Sophie Allport, it's the perfect place to spend the day.

2. Easton Walled Gardens, Grantham


Situated near Grantham, in the picturesque Lincolnshire and Rutland countryside, Easton has been owned and managed by the Cholmeley family since 1561. Laying undeveloped for many years, it has been brought back to life and is a horticultural hidden gem. Known to locals for its peace and tranquility, you'll love the space and idyllic scenery.

3. Hubbard's Hills, Louth


Hubbard's Hills is a free to visit park, which has been open to the public since 1907 and features an Edwardian garden, lake and country park. The naturally formed landscape has a glacial mount water valley running through mature trees on it sloping sides. It is a perfect site for dog walking and a good stretch of the legs.  You'll find idyllic views, ducks, swans and stepping stones across the lake.

4. Louth


Given we've mentioned Hubbard's Hills, we couldn't miss out Louth itself! A market town at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds, where they meet the Lincolnshire Marsh. It is east of a gorge carved into the Wolds that forms the Hubbard's Hills. The area was formed from a glacial overspill channel in the last glacial period. Smaller and quieter than Stamford, it is full of pretty buildings, interesting history and friendly locals.

5. Woodhall Spa


Regarded as one of Lincolnshire's most attractive villages, Woodhall Spa is full of Edwardian character, set among magnificent pine woods. As one of Lincolnshire's prettiest villages, it celebrates its history with the Cottage Museum and is surrounded by attractions such as two golf courses, a 'Kinema in the Woods', the Jubilee Park outdoor swimming pool and several aviation heritage sites associated with the Dambusters. A must for anyone looking for history and heritage!

6. Batemans Brewery Tour


Batemans Brewery has been passed down through four generations of the same family and is very popular locally. You'll be hard pushed to find a local who hasn't heard of Rosey Nosey! Based at Salem Bridge since 1872, Batemans is well known for brewing quality beers, and you can tour the very facilities in which they are produced. You'll also get a good dose of Batemans history, along with an interactive feel, with humour and stories aplenty.

7. North Sea Observatory, Skegness

Located at Chapel Point on the North edge of Chapel St Leonards, a few miles north of Skegness, the North Sea Observatory is an unusual sight on the coastline. It is a purpose built and accessible marine observatory, art space, exhibition venue for work related to the local area and café with public toilets and car park. A visit to the observatory is the perfect start or end to a bracing walk along the beach. The Seascape café is open every day and is noted for its early morning and evening events and dramatic views across the beach.

8. Teahouse In The Woods


Built in the Edwardian period, the Teahouse has a rich and distinguished history. All the food is prepared in the kitchen on site, using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients from in and around Lincolnshire. It is literally a hidden gem, surrounded by woodland. One of many places favoured by locals and off the beaten track.

We hope you've enjoyed our whistlestop tour of Lincolnshire! If you're planning a holiday in Lincolnshire, look no further than the Best of British Holiday Parks. All are 5 star rated, all are family owned and run.

We have three locations in the county: Long Acres in BostonCherry Tree Springs in Sutton On Sea and Delph Bank in Holbeach.

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