Ditch the technology on your next camping trip and get back to basics with some wholesome family fun. Camping games are a great way to bring the whole family together and provide hours of entertainment and laughter.

We’ve compiled a list of just some of our favourite family camping games to try during your next stay at a Best of British park. None of the games we’ve picked cost the earth, in fact, all that most require is a vivid imagination and some home DIY!

Camping bingo

This one takes a little bit of planning but it’s definitely worth the effort involved. Create a bingo card containing things you’re likely to find on the holiday park or the surrounding land and challenge younger members of the family to seek them out during a walk. Every time they spot one of the item’s they can mark it off the grid, with the aim of completing a row or the whole sheet. 

Catch, don’t catch

This game is a variation on ‘Simon Says’ and is really simple to play. Arrange the family into a circle with one person standing in the middle holding a ball. One by one the person in the middle must throw the ball to people standing in the circle accompanied by the word ‘catch’ or ‘don’t catch’. If the thrower says don’t catch, but the other person accidentally catches the ball they are out. The game continues until only one person remains.

Balloon tennis

Bat and ball can be difficult for little ones to master, so why not try this unique take on a classic game. Create your own bats out of plastic plates and blow up a balloon to act as the ball.

Don’t spill the water

This silly game is perfect for warm weather days and is a favourite among adults as well as kids. Divide into teams and stand one behind the other. The person at the front holds a full cup of water, which they must pour over their shoulder (no peeking) into the cup of the person behind. They then run to the back of the queue and the game continues in a relay fashion until you run out of water in your cup.


If you’re looking to expand your games collection this touring season, we highly recommend investing in a Mölkky set. This Scandinavian throwing game is great fun and suitable for all ages. One by one players must throw a wooden pin to knock over skittles, marked with numbers 1 to 12. If you only knock over one pin you score the number engraved on the top. If you knock over multiple pins you score the number of pins knocked over (e.g. if you knock over 4 pins you score 4). The winner is the first person to score 50 points.

Bean Bag Toss

Invest in some bean bags and challenge the family to a game of Bean Bag Toss. Set up some targets around your pitch and try to throw your bag as close as possible. You can be inventive with your targets by making use of items you’ve got to hand, such as the washing up bowl or plates. If you’re feeling competitive you could even introduce a scoring system!

Torch tag 

As  dusk approaches there’s plenty of fun to be had with a game of torch tag. The catcher has a torch and must shine the torch on other plays to freeze them out of the game.

Hide and seek

Sometimes the simple games are the best and nothing beats a game of hide and seek! Decide upon an area so the kids aren't hiding around the whole park.

Hacky sack

A hacky sack is a crocheted ball filled with dry grains. Players must stand in a circle and keep the ball off the ground using their feet. The ball is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into other games such as ‘piggy in the middle’ or a simple game of tag.


A pack of cards (or Uno) are an absolute must for any camping trip. The number of games you can play are endless and they won’t take up much room in your case. Games can be adapted for younger members of the family. Spoons and rummy are our personal favourites!


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