Now is the perfect time to do those tasks you've had on your to do list for a while and what better way to pass the time than preparing your home on wheels for its next adventure! Here we take a look at the top tips for preparing your caravan for the first outing of the season. These are all things you can do at home while you wait to be able to travel to your favourite holiday spot of choice!

1.  Check For Weather Damage

We experienced many storms over the autumn and winter months and there may be areas of damage that haven't yet been spotted. Take a good look over your caravan and ensure everything is in tact with no tree damage. Ensure all windows are in tact with no cracks or condensation issues. Use a ladder to view the roof to ensure it is still weatherproof with no breakages in the structure. 

2.  Roof Cleaning – Algae and Moss Removal

Photo credit: Bath Chew Valley

While cleaning the exterior of your caravan is an obvious priority, pay special attention to the roof and remove any moss and algae that has built up, especially if it is parked near trees. 

  • Start with pitching your caravan at an angle to aid water drainage
  • Secure your step ladder, ensuring you have a full view of the roof and can reach all areas
  • Use an extendable brush, such as those sold for car washing. Try to avoid scouring pads or anything that could damage the finish of your caravan. There are specialist cleaning solutions on the market you could use
  • Follow up with a softer brush to wipe away the water
  • If you use a jet wash, be careful around the delicate areas on the roof such as the TV aerial
  • Finish with your choice of caravan polish to keep your caravan looking better for longer

3.  Check For Leaks

Photo credit: Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park

There's nothing worse than arriving on holiday and realising your caravan awning is leaking as you settle yourself in. A rain shower will quickly make it clear that your awning needs some attention. As we have a little more time than usual at home right now, why not set up your awning and spray it with the shower setting of your hose to check for anything untoward. You may also want to settle down for a cup of tea and slice of cake and pretend you're in your happy place at the same time! This process will also ensure you have no parts missing and that when you arrive on holiday, you can erect the awning without incident!

4.  Check Your Tyres

Photo credit: Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park

The team at Bath Chew Valley are super friendly and very happy to help in the event of an emergency. However, they won't be with you on your journey to your holiday park of choice! When caravans have been static for many months, it's wise to check your tyres. Look for any signs of damage, cracks in the side walls or bulges. You don't want to have a blow out en route to your longed for caravan holiday, and we can't guarantee Keith will be there to tow you home! 

Photo credit: Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park

5.  Basic Maintenance

While you have extra time on your hands, basic maintenance is your friend! It's these small tasks that will ensure that when you are ready to holiday, your caravan will be too.

  • Test your handbrake, ensuring it operates normally and doesn't need any lubrication. No one wants to wake up in an entirely different location to the one where they went to sleep the night before!
  • Check all doors, cupboards and windows to ensure they open and close correctly. Some oil will help stop the squeaks and lubricate the mechanisms if necessary
  • Clean your caravan fully ensuring it's fresh as a daisy for your next trip
  • Ensure your fridge is empty and clean

6.  Check Your Services

Photo credit: Trethem Mill

Service and functional checks will ensure you are able to live well in your home away from home

  • Power: ensure your battery is charged if the caravan has been parked up for some time
  • Water: your system should be cleaned out prior to getting back on the road and if possible, run a sterilising solution through it
  • Gas: couple up a gas cylinder to check your appliances (eg fridge, heating, cooker, hob)
  • Electrics: Hook up the electrics in advance to ensure the lights are all working properly

7.  Soft Furnishings

Photo credit: South Lytchett Manor

Wash your soft furnishings and clean your upholstery if needed. Now is a great time to get those jobs done so that upholstery can air and dry in good time for your trip. If you're feeling adventurous, consider making new soft furnishings to give your caravan a mini makeover.

8.  Prepare For Emergencies

Photo credit: Hidden Valley

You never know when emergency will strike, so consider preparing accordingly. Ensure you have a first aid kit, some local knowledge and the emergency number for your holiday park out of hours. If you're travelling out of the spring and summer seasons, perhaps take a winter weather kit, you never know when you'll wake up to snow! 

We hope that when you are ready and able, you have a wonderful trip in your caravan and with some basic safety and maintenance checks, it will make your trip all the better.

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