Dog Friendly Holidays – Caravan And Camping Breaks With Dogs!

Going on holiday with your dog has never been easier. Your canine companion is part of your holiday experience, whether it’s dog walking in the idyllic great British countryside or taking in vast dog friendly beaches in England, Scotland and Wales, your dog is welcome at almost all* of our independently owned holiday parks.

Facilities for dogs are ever increasing in range, from dog washes for those muddy walks to bathing ponds for relaxing on hot summer days.

If you’re balancing on the edge of the decision of whether to take your dog on holiday or not, here are some reasons why dog friendly holidays are well worth considering at a Best of British Holiday Park!

1.  Dogs Deserve Holidays Too!

We are firm believers that dogs need a change of scenery sometimes too! In fact, we know they do.

This visitor to Old Oaks Touring & Glamping Park is jumping with joy at the prospect of a week away! We love this action shot and it just reminds us how much fun a trip away can be for the whole family, canine or not. Old Oaks is the perfect example of a dog friendly holiday park, providing their own guidance on what they expect from dog owners on site, meaning you can have a peaceful break knowing your dog is cared for, just as much as you are.

2. Stunning Landscapes For Dog Walking

Whether you like a nice sedate flat walk, or a challenging cliff path hike, our holiday parks can suggest walks for all abilities in the local area. Many will be from the park itself, circular walks, or walks round local landscapes. You could also travel to Areas of Natural Beauty, such as the Northumberland coast. When you take your dog on holiday, it really opens up your exploring opportunities.

3. Dog Wash Facilities

When you return from those long walks, chances are you won’t want your dog going straight into your caravan, motorhome or tent. You’ll probably want to wash those muddy paws first. So, what better than heated dog wash facilities on site at your holiday park of choice?!

We are thrilled at the wide range of dog friendly facilities on site at many of our caravan and camping sites. They aren’t just 5 star rated for humans, dogs get some pretty special services on offer too. Here’s the dog wash facility at Oakdown Touring and Holiday Home Park in Devon.

Designed to save your back, and keep your dog sheltered, you’ll be able to get straight back to your accommodation without fear of it turning into a muddy mess!

4. Cheaper Than Dog Boarding/Kennels

The reality is that it is usually far cheaper to take your dog on holiday with you, than arrange dog boarding or kennels while you are away. It also gives you peace of mind that you know your dog will be cared for as they are used to; with you. Albeit, in very different surroundings!

5. Dog Walking Areas On Site

We are very aware that some dogs are nervous, for a variety of reasons. Or, you don’t entirely trust that they will come back when you call them! Maybe you’re not as mobile as you used to be, and your dog needs a shorter walk. Whatever the circumstances, we have you covered.

Many of our holiday parks have their own dog walking facilities. Most are fenced and gated, giving you peace of mind. This is Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park in Somerset, who have their own Pup’s Parade!

6. Dog Friendly Attractions

So many attractions are dog friendly, so it would be prudent to plan out a few attractions, stately homes or gardens in advance, checking whether they accept visiting dogs. The National Trust have a Canine Code and a Dogs Welcome Project which highlights where dogs are accepted, and what best practice is in each venue.

As long as your dog is well behaved, on a lead and you clean up after them, you will find accessibility is much better today at attractions and heritage venues. Do check in advance to ensure a seamless visit.

7. Dog Food and Sundries Available On Site

Many of our holiday parks have shops on site, so if you happen to have forgotten that all important bag of dog food, chances are you’ll be able bag some supplies without leaving the park!

And, if your furry friend is caught short, there is a plentiful supply of spots to dispose of waste to keep the park clean as a whistle!

* Full disclosure… our friends at Parkland Caravan and Camping in Devon have opted to exclude dogs from the park as a number of their visitors prefer not to holiday with dogs on site. That’s what makes us unique… all parks are different!


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