While some campers are very much pro-camping and won’t even entertain the thought of glamping, there are plenty who simply don’t like the thought of sleeping in a tent – each to their own!

However, for those who can’t make up their mind, camping aficionados Winfields Outdoors have put together the pros and cons of each to help you out.

One of the things most campers love is being able to unplug from their day-to-day lives. Most of us spend a good chunk of our days staring at screens, so to be able to get away from that for a while is quite an attractive prospect.

If you have teenagers, however, we’re sure they’ll disagree! Still, perhaps that’s added motivation to go camping!

Now, this could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it, but for us, it’s definitely one of the best things about camping. Whether you’re BBQing burgers and sausages or huddling around a campfire toasting marshmallows, you can’t beat it.

You can pick up a tent for next to no money really, especially if there are only a couple of you going. Obviously you can spend quite a lot if you want something top quality, but it should last you a while so will be well worth splashing out – and at Winfields we’ve got loads to choose from if you did want a new tent!

Some campers love the fact they’re getting back to nature and don’t have their creature comforts right in front of them, but others don’t like the fact that water, toilet and washing facilities and other amenities aren’t at arm’s reach.

Some glamping sites don’t have everything on tap either, but you’re much more likely to get your usual facilities to hand.

We’re not sure anyone really enjoys putting up their tent or packing it away, or lugging it around, especially if it’s raining! Unfortunately you don’t have much of a choice with camping – if you want somewhere to sleep, you need to put the tent up. If you put it down in the rain, then you also need to get it out when you get home as well to dry it out or it’ll get mouldy.

Even when you’re glamping, you’re likely to still get a few creepy crawlies around the place, but when you’re camping you’re more likely to encounter them being closer to the ground and usually less protected from the outside world. Still, it’s all part of being outdoors!

As we mentioned above, it can take a bit of time to pitch a tent, and we know you’d much rather be kicking back and relaxing. That’s where glamping comes into its own. In most cases you can just rock up and everything is already done for you, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday. And at the end, you don’t have to worry about packing it all away again.

While there are campsites all over the country, the four walls you look at every day are essentially the same. However, when it comes to glamping you can be as adventurous as you like.

From teepee tents to converted helicopters and shipping containers, you wouldn’t believe how imaginative some glamping locations are.

On the flip side of camping, you’ve got many more facilities close by. Some glamping sites will have Wi-Fi and electricity so you can charge your phone and update Facebook, while others have their own toilets, washing facilities and space to cook inside.

Speak to some campers, however, and they’ll tell you that defeats the whole purpose!

Usually, glamping will set you back more than camping unless you splash out on a super sonic tent. Some glamping sites can cost as much as a nice hotel room would or even more, so it’s not always the cheaper option.

That said, if you shop around you can get some decent deals – like right here on Best of British!

It’s usually quite easy to get a camping spot, primarily because there are more available and they require less room. However, glamping sites often have less availability, sometimes with only a few places at a time, so you need to get in there early before it gets booked up. This also explains why the cost is usually higher.

You’ll lose count of how many times you’ll be told you’re “not really camping”! Don’t worry, they’re just jealous you have a full double bed to sleep on!

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