Best of British: Woodland Walks

Is there anything more magical than a woodland? Surrounded by ancient trees, ever-changing foliage and a myriad of wildlife and flora, there’s just so much to explore. Little ones will love building dens, learning about nature and spotting critters, and for the big kids it’s great to get a chance to leave the chaos of everyday life and get back to basics.



Whether you’re taking a trip to Galloway Forest Park in the day or night you’ll fall in love with this natural sanctuary. With unspoilt ancient woodland stretching out in front of you, the views from the mountaintops are not to be missed – of course, if you prefer a coastal setting then you’ll find this included in the woodland too!

With birds of prey patrolling the skies and plenty of wildlife to spot at ground level, this woodland park is a breath-taking corner of


Closest BOB parks: Riverside Caravan Park, Ord House Countryside, Riverview Caravan Park


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You might need a couple of days to truly experience Brechfa as there’s so much to do. A river hike, fantastic pub, woodland walks and playing pooh sticks – it has it all. For budding bird-watchers there’s plenty to keep an eye out for including robins, coal tits and blackbirds, which means that there’s always a merry soundtrack to your walk chirping along in the background.

Brechfa is also a great spot for mountain biking. With set routes that are clearly marked for all abilities, you’ll be able to pootle along or go at a daring speed – it's up to you!

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A designated Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site is home to many coniferous species and is part of a long-term restoration plan. There are plenty of illustrated talks and points of interest as you meander your way through the broad-leafed trees and past wildlife-filled ponds.

In the spring the forest floor becomes a carpet of bluebells and other wildflowers that all the family can enjoy!

Closest BOB park: Riverside Caravan Park

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County Durham

Hamsterley Forest is a great day out for dashing about on mountain bikes, dark sky gazing or a simple paddle in the river. With 4 walking trails, horse riding and play areas for the kids it’ll definitely mean they sleep well that night. The forest trails also bring to life children’s book, The Highway Rat written by the same pair as The Gruffalo – follow the clues to take you through the story and meet the characters.

Closest BOB park: Riverside Caravan Park

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This National Trust site is home to ancient abbey ruins and serene water garden. It offers the perfect opportunity to imagine what medieval life was like and after you’ve glanced into the mirror-like ponds you can take a trip down the riverside paths to the deer park. This ancient woodland protects the Red, Sika and Fallow deer and is now recognised as a World Heritage Site too.

Closest BOB park: Riverside Caravan Park

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Sitting either side of a Wenlock limestone ridge, Nupend Wood has a thick canopy made from oak and ash. Ancient yews also grow here which makes it feel quite cinematic in the right light. This quiet hollow has a variety of flora that grow at different parts of the ridge where it has been quarried in years gone by. See if you can spot foxes, rabbits and even woodpeckers.

Visit throughout the year to bear witness to thousands of bluebells and even wild strawberries.

Closest BOB parks: Bath Chew Valley, Old Oaks

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Wyre Forest is a haven for high-octane lovers! Take part in the high wire forest adventure, Go Ape, spot animals on the West Midlands safari, hop on your mountain bike or even take the water in a canoe – it’s ideal!

For those that prefer to absorb their surroundings in a slightly gentler fashion there’s plenty of opportunities to fish, bird watch or simply meander the trails at a leisurely pace.

Closest BOB parks: Townsend, Poston Mill Park

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Hertfordshire’s only nature reserve, Broxbourne Wood is perfect for walkers. With a dedicated guide, and sculpture trail, you’ll be taken through years of history and conservation efforts to really get the most out of the area. With an absolute wealth of wildlife, you’ll be audience to types of delicately dancing butterfly, birds and even pondlife.

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With a quintessentially British village nestled amongst its trees, it’s no wonder that Castle Combe is part of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The area has also been used in a number of films including War Horse and Stardust, so you’ll have to see if you can recognise the area during your visit! For little ones the village has an extensive adventure playground and there are plenty of tearooms, restaurants and cosy country pubs when it’s time to refuel.

Closest BOB parks: Bath Chew Valley, Old Oaks Touring Park, Waterrow Touring Park

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For hundreds of years Wistman’s Wood in the heart of Dartmoor has been untouched, so we won’t blame you for feeling like creeping through the trails could put you face-to-face with a mythical creature. With entwined branches, lichen covered boughs and a sea of moss, this mysterious woodland smells as good as it looks. There’s rumours that the woods are haunted, so exploring the walkways might not be for the faint of heart!

Closest BOB parks: Woodovis Park, Dornafield, Ross Park Caravan Park 

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