14 Reasons Why I Love Camping ❤️

There’s something about camping that gets me thinking about the great times we had under canvas over the years. Sitting round a makeshift table with a group of friends on a warm summer’s evening – laughing and telling jokes over a few glasses of vino – things don’t get much better.

We Brits love camping and here are a few more reasons why:-

The Internet and mobile phones are amazing technology however they can mean you are easily tied to work. Rather than respond to those emails pinging on your phone here’s your chance to switch it off and truly enjoy the people around you and experience you are having. A camping holiday provides the perfect opportunity for families to reconnect without the usual distractions.

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There is nothing better than cooking outdoors and if it’s a BBQ it absolutely has to be charcoal! Even cooking on the smallest of BBQ’s can take ages – but it always seems to taste better!

Barbeques are an obvious perk to camping, not only do they smell great; they provide some ambient lighting as the sun goes down.  

When things wind down towards the end of the day, there is nothing better than sitting around the BBQ chatting with friends over a few drinks. PS - don’t forget to pack the kebab sticks for the marshmallows – lovely!

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If you live in a town or city the chance of getting a clear view on a starry night can be limited. Getting out in to the countryside provides the perfect opportunity to take in the full effect of the night sky. And who knows you might even see a shooting star to wish upon!

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Taking a short break on a campsite or holiday park is the perfect way to take things easy and focus on the things you love: friends; family; the great outdoors and of course a bit of time to yourself.  But if you fancy taking things at a quicker pace there are always plenty of things to do – many of the UK holiday parks will have a swimming pool and various activities going on throughout the day. Blow the cobwebs away with a brisk walk along the beach or why not take your bikes with you.

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Going away for a weekend can be super expensive - the cost of a hotel in London for one night, dinner and activities can all soon mount up. Camping out for a couple of nights however can cost as little as £25 per night. Load the car up with food from home, grab the BBQ, a few beers and a bottle of wine and you are literally set up for a weekend away.

And having the kit doesn’t have to break the bank too – ask around. Friends and family will often have a tent and sleeping bags you can borrow.

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If your camping trips tend to be a bit action-packed then nobody is going to judge you for retiring to bed early. Getting plenty of fresh air is a great way of wearing the kids out too – they are usually worn out soon after it goes dark ;0)

An early night is a great time to just sit back and relax with a good book.

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Most people are inside or asleep for these amazing daily events. However, when you are on a camping trip you are in a perfect position to take in some breath taking sunsets (and if you are up early enough – sunrises too).

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The usual Monday morning conversation: How was your weekend? “It was ok, stayed in Friday, went out for dinner on Saturday and did a pile of ironing on Sunday. How about yours?” “Oh, I went camping.” Who would you rather be?

Going camping is a great way to show off to your work colleagues that you are fun and active!

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There is something rather romantic about sleeping under canvas, making the tea on a portable stove, and not touching the sides of the tent when it rains for fear that water will soak through.

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Don’t worry if you don’t fancy slumming it, you don’t have to! With the onset of glamping you can now camp in style – choose from a range of yurts, camping pods and holiday lodges.

Many of the BoB parks offer a glamping option so you can enjoy all the luxuries of home including electric charging points, double beds, table and chairs – some even have a sofa and external fire pit – camping just got luxurious!

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So many Best of British Holiday Parks are dog friendly campsites so you won’t have to leave your best friend behind with your neighbour or at a kennel. What’s more, with the great outdoors at your disposal, your dog will love the long walks and other activities you get up to as much as you do.

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No one really cares what you look like when you are camping. A onesie and a pair of wellies are commonplace first thing in the morning as people march across the camping field to the shower blocks.

Just remember to pack lots of layers for the cooler evenings – sitting outside your tent with a glass of wine and chatting with friends is one of those things I always enjoy about camping – but I do like to stay warm!

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Ok – so most of us like nothing better than a night in front of the telly. However, not having the distraction of a TV on in the corner of the room gives you the opportunity to do other things – like getting the games out. A pack of cards for Sevens or Pontoon, Uno or travel Yahtzee are some of our favourites. Playing games together is always great family time.

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Now I’m a little older camping brings back happy memories of when I was kid - the car would be packed full of stuff including me, my brother and the dog. The bikes would be loaded up on the roof rack and we would head off to the coast for a few days. Camping always meant adventure, discovery and fun. Now I take my own kids. What’s not to love?

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