Not everyone is a seasoned camper so for those of you that are trying a few nights under canvas for the first time, we have put together a checklist we hope you will find useful. 

Whether you are camping as a couple or off on holiday with a group of friends there are bound to be things you will have wished you had brought with you. Picture the scene – just as you sit down and relax by the BBQ with that cold can of beer or bottle of wine – and realise you have left the corkscrew or bottle opener behind in the kitchen drawer.

Well here’s a checklist of camping essentials that certainly won’t break the bank – but hopefully means you have a safe and enjoyable few days away:-

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Depending on the type of camping and facilities you have on your campsite, this checklist might alter. If there is a large group of you going or family members that require specific dietary items then you may add other things to the list. Here are a few essential items:-

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Don’t forget to pack your own medication if you need it whilst you are away. Apart from these essentials a standard first aid kit, sun cream and other items below should also be part of your camping kit.

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Don’t worry too much if you do forget one of the items on the checklist, most campsites have a little shop where you can get the essentials.

However, if you are taking a family holiday to one of our BoB parks – don’t forget to pack the kids and the dog! Best of British Parks are some of the best campsites in UK

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