A new way of camping!

If you are looking for a slightly different camping experience this year – why not try a camping pod? Camping in a pod is a great way to enjoy an outdoor holiday – but with a few more creature comforts thrown in.

You can say goodbye to the stresses of camping. Swap your tent and pegs for a camping pod, with their fully insulated walls and double glazing.

If you are new to “camping pod-ing” they are the latest in hassle-free camping with a touch of luxury thrown in for good measure. Made from natural wood, you will find most pods are fully insulated, have electrics, double glazing and even small kitchens. Unlike a tent, pods are fully insulated to provide extra warmth during the winter months and usually have a special foil material under the roofing tiles to reflect the heat and keep them reasonably cool during the summer. Sitting in a pod during a rain storm is quite a different experience to one in a tent – you don’t have to worry about a leaking flysheet here!

From the outside a pod looks a very simple structure – some might call it a wooden tent – others like something out of a JRR Tolkien book. And with their full length roofs and “dinky little” windows pods are a firm favourite with the kids. Imagine your child’s reaction seeing their holiday accommodation for the first time – a small group of pods tucked away in a forest clearing – priceless!

Camping pods prove to be equally in demand with couples and families alike – some smaller pods cater for two people whereas the larger “mega pods” can take up to five people.

Each pod will be equipped with features to improve your camping experience. It will depend on the individual parks what’s available in your pod and what you need to bring – some will have beds or mattresses – but it is usual for you to bring your own bedding including pillows and general camping equipment. Most pods will have electrics and at the very least have a heater and coolbox already inside – but check with the site owner to confirm exactly what is provided and what you need to bring.

Camping pods have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, and our BoB parks provide some of the best camping pod holidays throughout the UK. Whatever the time of year, your camping pod will be warm and cosy – perfect for a stress free time away. Just remember to pack your usual camping accessories, bedding, towels and clothes for your stay!


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