Donna Nook

Louth, Lincolnshire

When it comes to wildlife, one of the main attractions to see here are the grey seals, which give birth to their pups during early November and December. During these times Donna Nook attracts many tourists from all around the world. 

Donna Nook is also used by the Military of Defence (MOD) as a bombing practice zone, which everyone visiting the area should be very mindful of. However, the majority of Donna Nook is accessible and safe for public viewing and areas of MOD use are made very obvious. 

Food, drink, toilets and other facilities are available on site when in season, so be sure to check availability before you go. 

More points of interest in the surrounding area include St James Church, Loewen Cinema and Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway. Places you should definitely check out if you’re looking for something different. 


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