8 Reasons To Go On A Caravan And Camping Holiday In The Autumn

Well we have seen quite a run of great weather of late, and the long range forecast isn’t looking too chilly at all! With all of our 5 star graded holiday parks still open and ready and willing to welcome guests, we wanted to tell you why an autumn holiday can be just perfect.

Just after the children go back to school, you can still enjoy good (and warm!) weather without the crowds and you start to see the stunning sights of the seasons just starting to change. A touring or camping holiday, perhaps a lodge or glamping could be perfect at this time of year, and this is why we think so…

1.  Quieter Destinations

Photo: Donkey Creek Farm, Lancashire

It is probably universally accepted that a holiday in a less crowded environment is preferable! If you can choose your dates, autumn is a perfect time to holiday and experience fewer people both at your chosen holiday park and while you’re visiting the local area. Without the crowds, you can enjoy nearby towns and attractions at your leisure. You can take your time to relax and truly explore the region and all it has to offer.

2.  The Weather

Ladram Bay-5f3a8ccc90fee

Photo: Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Devon

Typically, temperatures continue on from August and stretch further now than they ever have before. Depending on your holiday location, you may find those September temperatures make it feel like a warm summer’s day and not the start of the autumn period. As we move toward October, get those layers ready for lower temperatures.

3.  Magical Autumn Scenery

Photo: Blair Castle Caravan Park, Scotland

After such a warm blast of weather, we’re expecting slightly milder, but still warm temperatures to return soon. Autumn really is the time of year when we are treated to a final burst of colour before we head toward Christmas. It is a photographer’s dream and a feast for the eyes. The trees take on hues of red, orange, yellow and pink, intertwined with the evergreens, providing that magical burst of vibrant colour. With so many of the Best of British Parks set in beautiful countryside and coastal locations, you’ll be spoiled for choice of where to find such beautiful vistas.

4.  Wildlife Walks

We’re so fortunate to have so many holiday parks that take wildlife seriously and encourage the native species, and sometimes the extraordinary, to their parks. Whitefield Forest on the Isle of Wight plays a big part in red squirrel conservation.

While autumn signals the slowdown of activity for many animals, flora and fauna treat this time of year differently. During autumn, we will be welcoming millions of migrant birds arriving in the UK from colder parts of Europe, seeking milder winter temperatures (eg fieldfares, redwings and bramblings). We’ll also be waving off birds who prefer warmer winter climates (eg housemartins and swallows). Atlantic grey seals begin breeding in September, with the pupping season continuing til November. Squirrels will start preparing their nut stash for winter, so they will be out and about and busy!

Autumn is the time of year when all the activity happens, it’s the start of something new in the world of wildlife. Be sure to have your binoculars and camera with you at all times.

5. Deer Rutting

Blair Castle-5f3aad4ee3bde

Photo: Blair Castle Caravan Park

Blair Castle Caravan Park in Perthshire is perfectly located to view deer. Blair Atholl is home to a selection of deer, including red and roe deer, and the area is lucky to have a number of herds living locally. Autumn heralds the sound of roaring stags as the rut gets into full swing, and it’s one of nature’s most incredible sights. The male deer (stags or bucks) complete for females (hinds or does). The dramatic noisy display as they lock antlers and vie for seniority is a sight to behold. As the temperatures cool and the weather declines, herds move to the lower ground in the hunt for food. Be sure to research local deer parks, glens or hills and view this spectacular sight from a safe distance.

6. Fungi Hunting


Fungi comprise a plant/animal kingdom of their own as there are so many and diverse species; over 15,000 in the UK. You’ll find fungi growing in every habitat and it’s during autumn when you can discover the biggest selection. Some can be eaten, others are poisonous, so do familiarise yourself before you head out on your expedition. It’s best to treat it is a photography adventure, rather than foraging, as it’s tricky to identify which are safe to eat if you’re a novice! You’ll be amazed at how many different types you discover though. We particularly like the look (and sound) of these: Honey Fungus, Peppery Bolete and the Golden Wax Cap!

7.  Foraging


Leading on from fungi hunting, foraging is nothing new to those of us who have been picking blackberries from the hedgerows for years, but these wonderful berries aren’t the only thing that can be foraged and utilised in your kitchen on wheels! There’s a plethora of wild food available for consumption, but it’s important to get started safely so we would recommend an organised foraging trip. It’s a great way to connect with nature and see the outdoors in a different light.

8. Lower Cost Holidays And The Comfort Of Your Caravan

Bath Chew Valley-5f3a8e247c67f

Photo: Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park, Bath

By holidaying out of peak season, you’ll be paying less for your stay. The prices reduce when the school term starts again, but be aware that this period gets booked up quickly. October will also make way for half term, although you’ll find the dates vary by region. If you find yourself bagging a bargain and getting a last-minute deal out of peak season, it may well leave you with extra cash to spend locally! Or, you could book a couple more nights and extend your stay!

And there is just nothing better than returning to your caravan after a day of exploring, or a long walk. The comfort of your home on wheels and the chance to settle down for an evening under the stars cannot be underestimated.

Best of British has almost 50 member parks throughout the country. Choose from our fantastic selection of touring parks and enjoy your autumn break!

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