As the weather continues to get warmer many families will start looking to book a holiday. Forget expensive trips abroad and fancy hotels, get back to basics and enjoy a family trip away. We have an excellent selection of campsites across the UK ideal for a family camping holiday. Whether you’re looking for a more quiet affair or a site with extensive facilities and on site entertainment, you’ll find something to meet the needs of your family on a Best of British park.

1) Spend quality time together


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Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the stresses of work and school, you can enjoy spending some quality time reconnecting as a family. Forget chores, routine, responsibility and all the things that come with running a busy home and slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Play games, be silly and make memories that will last a lifetime and keep the kids asking to go camping again!

2) Disconnect from technology


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Many children (and adults!) are all too dependent on technology and spending less and less time outdoors. Disconnect from it all and get back to basics on a family camping trip. Without the distractions of phones, tablets, games consoles and TV, your little ones will be free to explore the great outdoors and go on exciting adventures. Gather around the campfire and play cards, toast marshmallows or play ball games. You never know after a digital detox your kids may discover a newfound hobby!

3) Learning new skills


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Camping trips offer a wealth of learning opportunities and give the whole family a chance to learn new skills. After navigating the all-important instructions to put up the tent, you will have to get to grips with lighting a campfire, cooking outside and host of other important jobs. Children will learn the importance of planning, working together and shared responsibility.

4) Camping won't break the bank


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Holidays can be expensive, especially when you’ve got a family entertain. But, you don’t have to go to costly attractions every day to have fun! Once you’ve bought the basics, camping is relatively inexpensive and great for families on a budget. Our Best of British holiday parks offer excellent value for money and many even have on site activities, so you wont have to travel far to be entertained!

5) Be at one with nature


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What can possibly be better than unzipping your tent and being greeted with beautiful views, fresh air and bird song? Camping offers the opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors surrounded by nature. Away from the towns and cities you will see beautiful tress, flowers and an unpolluted night skies. This will teach your children to respect the environment and to make their own fun, whether that be playing in the woods and making dens or paddling in rivers! 

6) Make new friends


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Camping is a notoriously social affair. Whether you choose to take a break with your friends or get chatting to families on the site, you’re bound to meet new people and bond over your shared love of the outdoors. Children can make new friends to play games with and come out of there shells as they grow in confidence.

7) Camping holidays are great for your health


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We’re all guilty of spending too much time on the sofa, especially after a busy working week! A camping trip offers a number of unexpected health benefits, including increased activity and access to fresh air! You'll clock up the steps walking around the campsite and exploring the local area. An added benefit of all the exercise is that you'll sleep like a log. In fact, experts claim that sleeping under canvas is one of the best night sleeps you can get! 

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