Owning a caravan is a freeing experience. You no longer have to worry about packing a gas stove or a few air beds, as most of what you need is conveniently stored away and ready for the road. However, there are some gadgets on the market which can help improve your caravan life even further. Here are our suggestions for some of the year’s must have caravan accessories.


Caravan blinds are an essential part of your caravan trip. Chances are, you will already have some pre installed blinds that came with your vehicle. However, caravan blinds are notorious for crinkling, tearing, jamming or not being opaque enough to allow you a decent night’s sleep. Blackout curtains are a great way to keep your vehicle dark at night, while bright, patterned blinds are an easy way to add a touch of character to an older caravan. There are also clips and corner caps you can use to help fasten your blinds into various positions.


Windbreaks are not just for the beach! These nifty screens are great to use on a campsite to allow yourself some extra privacy, or shade from the sun. They can also come in handy in windier areas, so could be a perfect addition to a space high up, such as a mountain or cliff. Most windbreaks are lightweight and can be put up in minutes, and are just as easy to put away as they are to construct. If you want to learn more about the different types of windbreaks available, there’s a detailed guide over on the World of Camping site.


If you’re planning to park at a campsite, it is likely that you’ll need to refill your water tank from an on-site tap. Older water carriers require a trolley or wheel system to help you carry your heavy container back to your caravan, which can cause injuries, and can be a massive hassle when you’re trying to relax. Luckily, newer models such as the Aquaroll are designed to roll across the ground with a useful handle, so you no longer need to worry about damaging your back.


A camping holiday shouldn’t mean you spend your days worrying about leaving your caravan unattended. Using a hitch lock is a simple way to securely tether your caravan to your car or van, and your regard for safety should deter unwanted attention. Some insurers require you to have a hitchlock on every time you pitch up, and some offer discounts and rewards for safe owners, so investing in a hitchlock is a must. CASSOA have a very informative article on caravan safety and hitchlock advice if you’d like to learn more.


A portable gas stove is a fantastic way to cook up some hearty meals, and with no need to gather logs for a fire, it means you can start cooking within minutes. Most stoves have enough space to boil water, fry some bacon and even grill some toast, so you can get the benefits of cooking out in the open without the stress of battling the elements.  


Hopefully this guide has given you a few pointers of accessories you can use to enhance your next trip on the road. Whether it’s something small like a blind clip, or a more secure purchase like a hitchlock, these small additions are what turn your caravan into your home away from home.


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