Getting away from home and heading off to a campsite, caravan sites or UK holiday park is a great opportunity to take in the beauty of the country we call home. It can also provide you with the chance to purchase some very quirky gadgets and get creative with household items to make your trip even more enjoyable. Check out these 10 ideas…

An essential thing than many overlook is good light that enables campers to see freely in their tent, caravan or campervan. While a head torch itself is a great item, it can be extremely bright to people in front of the person wearing it. If campers in a tent wish to read, play cards or simply have light without the extra bulk of a lanturn, this is the hack for you!

Simply attach a head torch to a bottle of water and create lovely ambient light inside your tent, caravan or camper. Not only will this save crucial space but should you need a headtorch then you can still use if for that purpose. Two types of light for the price (and space) of one! 


Keeping your campsite tidy is important for a number of reasons. Hygiene- it is easy for utensils to get knocked onto the floor or placed on dirty surfaces and this isn't good because we eat with these items! This can also attract insects and other unwanted guests such as rats or mice.

Further to this, it is even easier for them to get lost or mixed amoungst other pieces of camping kit. This hack allows campers to easily place all of their camping kitchen items into one place, out of the way of dirty surfaces and insects. 

Using a clothes tidy to organise all of your kitchen accessories is a sure fire way to ease the mind and make breakfast, lunch and dinner at the campsite as enjoyable as possible.  

Have you ever wanted to sit back and enjoy the view….from a hammock?

No matter where you are, so long as you have your car, the car hammock allows you to really sit back and relax. No more simply viewing sights from the car window! 

Fix these chairs to the back of your car, then sit back, relax and soak up the sights in style!


Space is a really important factor when it comes to camping. Anytime some space can be saved, it should be! So how about a biolite campstove that not only uses wood to cook up food and boil water in minutes but it turns its heat into electricity which can be used to charge usb powered devices!

Yes, thats right! You can pick up sticks from the floor and use them to charge your iphone whilst simultaneously cooking breakfast. Incredible!


Function over fashion? Perhaps. But who hasn't had the desire to stay in their sleeping bag just a little longer while running the morning errands in camp? Looking like a Telly Tubby for the extra warmth and comfort has to be worth it!


There is nothing like cooking a meal amoungst the great outdoors… Don't think that you have to compromise on the finer side of things like condiments either!

Aside from either packing a full container fresh from the shelves of a shop or using a sealed bag, your options to bring spices camping were limited. 

Until you found this handy hack!

Use old Tic-Tac containers to carry your favourite spices when camping and eat like a king!


Camping creates amazing memories and allows for great experiences however not all luxuries are available while on your adventures and travels… Well, one is! 

Fancy having a soak after a day of hiking? You now can!

The Inflatable bath is revolutionary!

Pour a bath, pour a glass and enjoy the views!




The VW camper is an iconic vehicle and adored by many thanks to its cult like silhouette and what it stands for.

To become a member of this 'club' used to set you back A LOT of money until now…If you can't afford a real VW Camper, you can now camp in style with this stylish tent!

Let other campers know who you are! Express your love on every campsite you visit for a fraction of the cost!



If you have ever taken a shower at a campsite, you'll know how tough it can sometimes be to manage all of your wash products while taking one. From accidently leaving your shower gel or shampoo on the shower floor to trying to juggle the facewash and conditioner in one hand.

This handy hack allows you to have all of your products in the perfect place, simply place it on the shower head, use your products and remove after use! 


No need to marinate your food. Simply put a bunch of rosemary straight on the coals of your BBQ. Make your favourite touring caravan sites have a great aroma!


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